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Preparation course for the admission test to the first year of the MD Medicine and Surgery (class LM-41)

Learning outcome

Participants will be provided with the tools needed to prepare and take the admission exam at their best. In particular, participants will have a chance to familiarise themselves with the questions that were administered in the last few years and, supported by a teacher, learn the most successful test-solving strategies and the best ways to manage time and deal with exam stress. They will be also offered a tour around the Campus.

Courses will take place in classroom 3, “Polo Universitario Giovanni XXIII”, Rome Campus, address: Largo Francesco Vito Gemelli 1.

The course duration is 30 hours.

The course will be offered three times, giving you the chance to decide if you want to take it in December, January or February. Please check the page “Calendar” for more details.

PLEASE NOTICE: as there are a limited number of places available, each participant will be assigned to a specific session according to the chronological order of application.

Classes will be held in English, in classrooms with a computer for every participant, so that simulations of the real tests will be administered according to the procedure of the real admission test.

The course will include taught classes and computer-based training, with immediate feedback provided by the teachers and comparisons with the statistical results of the last few years.

Cost: € 735.00

If you want to enrol, please follow this procedure:

  1. Register on this website by clicking on “SIGN IN”;
  2. Confirm your application by clicking on the link you will see in the confirmation e-mail;
  3. Check place availability for the course sessions;
  4. Book your place choosing the session you prefer, if there are still places available. If places for your first choice are no longer available, the system will not allow you to book a place for that session and you will have to choose another session;
  5. Pay the application fee within 15 minutes of choosing the session, following the guided procedure;
  6. PLEASE BE AWARE that, if you fail to pay, the place will become available for other users.
  7. Once you have completed the procedure, make sure you have received a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your application.