Online preparation courses for the admission test to Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore Medicine and Surgery

This year, there will be two types of courses available: intensive and strengthening (with or without Reminder). All courses will be live and held remotely.

STRENGTHENING COURSE 60 hours Medicine and surgery 2024/2025

The 60-hours strengthening course, for a total of 20 meetings, is more suitable for the students who need to devote time to the study of theoretical knowledge alongside the exercises, addressing a more detailed preparation course for the admission test, with the possibility of receiving precise indications for individual study. The course will take place on Friday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings and afternoons. Click here for sessions, times and costs.

STRENGTHENING COURSE Medicine and surgery 2024/2025 with REMINDER (90 hours)

It’s a complete course which blends the strengthening course (60 hours) with an intensive course (30 hours) from 5th to 16th february 2024. The final intensive course focuses on the preparation of the admission test by dedicating most of the time at the exercises and the techniques, specific for each subject and as a whole, useful to pass the test. Click here for sessions, times and costs.


The INTENSIVE courses, with a duration of 30 hours, focus on preparation for the admission tests by devoting most of the time to exercises and techniques with which to approach the tests, specific to each subject and as a whole as a final test.

The course will take place in Christmas holidays 6 hours a day for 5 days and during winter period 3 hours a day for 10 days.

Click here for sessions, times and costs.