Regulations for participating in Selexi S.r.l.’s admission test preparation courses

Regulations for the use of online preparation services owned by Selexi S.r.l.


Art. 1) Online preparation Service

1.1. The use of Selexi’s online preparation service implies unconditional acceptance of these Regulations by the adhering party.

1.2. Selexi S.r.l. offers the opportunity to participate in online preparation courses (hereinafter, the “Service”) within the online domain simulatore-corso-unicatt-medicina.ilmiotest.it and the Weschool platform.

These courses are based upon test simulations carried out within the online domain simulatore-corso-unicatt-medicina.ilmiotest.it and material that can be consulted via the Weschool platform. The user of the Service will have access to test simulations prepared by Selexi S.r.l. and material provided by the teachers for the online lessons.


Art. 2) Access to the Service and Support

2.1. The behavioral rules provided below are mandatory and binding for all those who intend to use the Service by accessing the simulatore-corso-unicatt-medicina.ilmiotest.it domain and the virtual classrooms via the Weschool platform.

2.2. Access to the Service is allowed exclusively to those who have registered in the reserved area (hereinafter, the “user” or the “users”) by submitting their personal data using the dedicated format.

2.3. The user assumes full responsibility about the veracity of the personal data submitted in the registration format prepared by Selexi, as the civil and criminal consequences deriving from false declarations will only affect the user, with total exclusion of liability for Selexi.

2.4. By registering on the Selexi portal, Selexi allows the user to enter his reserved area using a username and a password. The username and password are strictly personal, only the person who receives those from Selexi is allowed to use them. Each user is required to behave as diligently as possible so that his username and password are not used or known by anyone else.

2.5. Access to video-lessons is granted only if the user’s webcam is in function.

2.6. Registering on the Weschool platform allows access to material related to the lessons and to the video-lessons during course hours. The username and password are strictly personal, the person who receives those from Selexi is the only one allowed to use them.

2.7. Selexi is not responsible for any illegitimate and/or fraudulent access to the Service and will not accept (nor will be liable for) any complaints made by users regarding such illegitimate and/or fraudulent behaviour.

2.8. Selexi has the right to change, at any given time, at its sole discretion, the conditions of access to the Service due to needs concerning the management of the Service that may arise. It is understood that any such changes, that will be binding for all the users of the Service, will be communicated to the public and the users.

2.9. Selexi set up a support and information service that can be reached via e-mail by users and anyone interested in the Service at the address formazione@selexi.it.



Art. 3) Prices and types of Service

3.1. Selexi offers users the types of Service described at the https://corsi-unicatt.ilmiotest.it webpage, the economic terms are thereby included.

3.2. The Service purchased by the user has a duration of 30 or 40 or 48 hours, depending on the type of course purchased, according to the calendar of the course itself. If a user does not participate in one or more lessons or parts of them, he/she loses the purchased Service and the fees paid will not be refunded.

3.3. The Service prices, as indicated previously in art. 3.1, are to be considered valid until Selexi fixes new ones. Selexi will communicate any changes to the prices via the https://corsi-unicatt.ilmiotest.it webpage and possibly via e-mail to the address that the user indicated signing up to the registration portal.


Art. 4) Payment methods

4.1. In order to allow the use of the Service, Selexi provides the user with an online payment system by Paypal circuit (which also allows payment by credit card).

4.2. Selexi is not liable for any inefficiencies, malfunctions or delays relating to payment transactions operated by the user or by third parties who have acted on behalf of the user.

4.3. Any excess amount of money paid by the user or by third parties who have acted on behalf of the user will be credited back as soon as possible.


Art. 5) Terms of use of the Service and obligations for users

5.1. In no case the user is allowed to use the Service for profit, even indirect, advertising and/or commercial purposes, the user is not allowed to access the Service for purposes other than those agreed with Selexi S.r.l. in written form.

5.2. The user will be personally liable for any behavior of his/hers that, by using and/or accessing the Service, violates laws or regulations, the privacy or the reputation of other people, any intellectual property rights, or other personal or property rights of third parties, of any kind, with consequent complete exclusion from liability for Selexi.  

5.3. In the event of a violation of the behavioral rules listed above, it will be up to Selexi to take, at its own discretion, the necessary measures, thereby including the temporary suspension or the definitive exclusion of the user from accessing and using the Service, as well as applying to the appropriate courts, civil or criminal, in order to protect its rights and interests.

5.4. The user may use the Service only and exclusively after having accepted these Regulations and its relevant clauses in accordance to art. 1341, paragraph II, of the Italian Civil Code. 

5.5. Selexi reserves the right NOT to activate an edition of the course in the event that the number of subscribers is insufficient to provide it. In this case, the user will be given the possibility to choose wether to keep his/hers registration by selecting another edition – if available, or to get a full refund of the registration fee that he/she has paid, which will be credited back as soon as possibile.


Art. 6) Copyright

6.1. Copyright © Selexi S.r.l. All rights reserved.

6.2. Any use, total or partial, of the contents of the Service is prohibited, including the storage, the reproduction, the re-elaboration, the diffusion or the distribution of the aforementioned contents through any technological platform, support or telematic network, without having previously obtained written authorization from Selexi. Violators will be prosecuted according to the law.

6.3. Selexi does not provide any guarantee, nor it assumes any responsibility, for the contents of websites and portals belonging to third parties which may offer or advertise a service identical or similar to the Service.